iMoola offers financial solutions to SMME markets.

Project Analysis

iMoola evaluates your project to determine a comprehensive needs analysis.

Project Management

iMoola becomes your “one-stop-shop” supplier. iMoola will also conduct regular site visits at which point valuable built environment advise and expertise will be shared with you.

Viability check

iMoola will perform a viability check to ensure the project is profitable. Our aim is to leave our Contractors with maximum profits.

Supplier Vetting

To mitigate risk in the project, we add reputable suppliers nationwide onto our vendor list to ensure successful delivery of your project. Should any Supplier wish to sign on to our database, kindly complete our Supplier Pre-Application.


Working shoulder-to-shoulder in your project, our professional team share their expertise in order to help you grow your own business.

Regulated Bank Account

iMoola is a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP45755) and has two banking agency agreements with South African banks to ensure safe transacting.

Local Economic Development

Building and supporting communities is our passion.

Enterprise Development

Through unique initiatives, we target to develop Entrepreneurs, job creation and sustainability of small and medium businesses.

Supply chain integration

We support and mentor local suppliers to develop sustainable businesses and enter the main stream of Supply Chain.

Supply & delivery of materials

iMoola will source prices from various suppliers within the project area, negotiating for the best possible prices to maximize your profits.

Purchase Order Finance

Should you have been awarded a Government/Parastatal Contract or Purchase Order and require funding, please complete our Contractor Pre-Application online.

Construction Finance

Should you have been awarded a Government/Parastatal Contract or Purchase Order and require funding, please complete our Contractor Pre-Application online.

Infrastructure Development

Making a difference in the lives of people by building houses, roads and schools, just to name a few, one step at a time.

Control Spent Card

We have developed unique systems to protect our funding and to maximize a Contractor’s capacity as well as profitability by the swipe of a card. Project Management and Reporting made easy.

Administrative Assistance

We walk the extra mile in supporting our Contractors with administrative care in order for them to focus on delivering their projects.

Material Reconciliation

iMoola developed the necessary checks and balances to provide transparent financial information on their projects.

Insurance Assistance

Need to provide a Performance Guarantee, Contractors All Risk or Credit Life? We can support you with a tailored package to suit your needs.

Performance Guarantees

Contact us for affordable rates on Performance Guarantees.

Website Design & Hosting

Make your business visible, we can provide you with professional IT services.

Compliance Assistance

Do not let compliancy become a headache in your business, as part of our mentorship we can give direction.


iMoola also offers a closed loop card service which is available to Corporates, Financiers and Individuals. A Closed Loop Card is a card that can be used outside the banking environment similar to a Gift Card, Limited Payment Card or Guarantee Card ©.

What sets the iMoola offering apart from normal closed loop cards is the ability to transact anywhere, anytime from any internet enabled device through systems developed by iMoola. This is a 24/7 system that gives easy and comprehensive reports are available 24/7.

iMoola Cards © — can only be used at approved vendors (to ensure our clients of service and quality) where the card holder/s can buy any products against a pre-approved limit — almost like a Credit Card.

The iMoola Guarantee Card© (closed loop card) is of great importance in Guarantee monitoring and Credit Guarantee markets.


In co-operation with A-Sure Consultants (Pty) Ltd an authorised financial service provider. FSP 44266

Thinus Janse Van Rensburg

Chief Executive Officer

Cell: 084 764 3378

Office: 021-945-3196
Fax: 086-540-5478
E-Mail: thinus@asureconsulting.co.za

Website: www.asureconsulting.co.za

Physical Address:
90 Charles Hoffe street,


Our staff collectively have more than 80 years experiance in the industry.